Spray foam Removal

Spray foam insulation seals the roof space restricting airflow to the roof and timbers causing condensation and placing the wood at risk of decay and rotting of the roof supports. It makes the home harder to sell and for a prospective buyer to get a mortgage.
The Elite Home Group offers a quick and effective service to remove spray foam insulation from loft spaces to an acceptable level for mortgage lenders to assess the condition of the roof and the roof timbers. We strongly advise homeowners against removing insulation themselves because it could “damage tiles, electrics and other materials”. Some spray foam is “toxic to touch and breathe in” and requires professionals.

Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has warned that a surveyor may “reduce the property’s value” if they encounter spray foam insulation during an inspection. The RICS said this might “even render a property un-mortgageable in the eyes of a lender”.
In June 2022, the Government said it had no plans to intervene where property values or access to mortgage finance had been affected as a result of spray foam insulation installed using Green Homes Grant vouchers, stating that:
The availability and terms of mortgages are issues for lenders; and
It is the responsibility of the installer and homeowner to decide whether to proceed with using spray foam insulation.