Damp Proof Injections

We recognise that the UK is facing significant challenges in its desire to retrofit its housing stock to meet government targets for fuel poverty and carbon reduction and also in its desire for everyone to live in a warm, comfortable and energy-efficient home.

While masonry surfaces are a natural substrate designed to uptake moisture, ageing masonry poses a danger that they will hold this moisture over time. When the temperature drops, this moisture can undergo a freeze-thaw cycle, resulting in humidity within masonry expanding when it freezes. This movement causes cracks in the masonry to open up & expand, allowing more moisture to enter the building and continuing a cycle of deterioration.

As well as damage to masonry, water absorption can also lead to a variety of other side effects, including:

  • Heat loss – damp content of just 5% in a plain brick wall can lower the insulation by up to 50% because wet walls transfer heat twice as quickly as dry walls.
  • Damp problems – damp content in masonry walls can transfer into the internal division of a property when the property is of solid wall construction or has poorly fitted cavity wall insulation. By filling a cavity wall with insulation, you can remove the space necessary for water to escape the building freely.
  • Discolouration – masonry exposed to long-term water ingress can become discoloured by moisture.
  • Green growth – moisture allows fungal growth, such as moss & lichens, to thrive on masonry surfaces.
  • Efflorescence – salt deposits caused by water dissolving salts within masonry & depositing them on the outside of the wall are a crucial indicator of water ingress. While not damaging, it can create a natural eye sore on masonry surfaces of all ages.

But these challenges bring exciting opportunities for new and innovative coating technologies like Pro Perla. We believe this will contribute to achieving such goals by working alongside existing energy-saving initiatives to provide products that keep buildings dry – dry buildings mean less heating costs and improved living conditions for occupants.

A surface treated with ProPERLA Masonry Crème will insulate mineral building materials by reducing water absorption. The product chemically bonds to the surface, penetrating up to 17mm to create an invisible insulation barrier. Tests have shown that a damp content of 5% in a plain brick wall, for example, can lower insulation performance by up to 50%.

Once applied, these coatings last 10-20 years, providing many years of comfort and reduced maintenance and upkeep.

They come with long-term manufacturer guarantees, are proven to withstand all climatic conditions, and are designed for single-skin buildings with no cavities. Still, they are of equal importance to modern facilities in that they help to keep any installed cavity wall insulation dry and effective.